Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Decorated Rhea and chicken eggs

This was a fun series to do! The tall egg in the middle is called a Rhea egg. It comes in as a light cream-colored egg with a shiny enameled shell. It is very much like an ostrich egg which needs some special preparation in order to dye the shell. I usually fill a bowl with vinegar and water and gently rub the surface with a soft wash cloth until the shiny enamel disappears and leaves a matt surface. I rinse with clean water and dry and let it rest. Once you have the enamel off, you are free to proceed with your regular batik method. The color sequence here was the white of the egg, then dipped in diluted turquoise, then turquoise full strength, a bleach dip, cold water rinse, then final color, red. Or, you can also do light turqoise, spray with "simple green", rinse with cold water, let rest, dye red, then cold water rinse, and final color, full strength turquoise. The smaller eggs made festive Christmas ornaments. The large Rhea egg is now at Frog Hollow Craft Center in Burlington.

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