Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First waxing on goose eggs

Here it is, February, and I am busily getting ready for Easter and Ukrainian egg demos. As you can see, I've started a clutch of goose eggs that will eventually travel to Frog Hollow Craft Gallery in Burlington for Easter. The designs have been drawn on lightly with pencil and then waxed over. The initial dark waxed lines you see will be white on the final unwaxing of the egg (the wax masks the color underneath and saves it during several different color dye baths). It's really fun to try wrapping a design around something bigger than a chicken egg. Goose eggs are excellent to etch with as well because of their sturdy shells. I have been busy photographing my designs into a binder as I go. It's slow going, but will be helpful for people to come to my studio and be able to pick out designs and colors for custom eggs. Once photographed, I also have lovely egg images that I can make prints and cards out of.  I have also taken the steps to illustrate my designs and several variations in the same binder. These end up being pattern sheets for classes I will give. Once I figure a design out, I will work it several different ways, and can end up with a 2-dimensional pen and ink illustration that is very graphic and will lend itself to paintings, borders and possibly some designs to silk screen onto various surfaces (that's another story/adventure for later). Way to use an image until you've rung the life out of it!

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