Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clutch of Goose eggs finished!

Remember the earlier posting for the first waxing on goose eggs? Well, here they are! All finished! I took them off the varnish drying rack to take a photo of them for this post, but they will need one more good spray of Golden's Solvent-based Archival Varnish (which I get at Artists' Mediums because they are so close!) Note the egg in the foreground- a blue chicken! I did a whole series of chicken eggs based on blue chickens. It makes me giggle everytime I see them. It reminds me of the Poultry barn at the Champlain Valley Fair in August. I love chickens and like to see all the different varieties that are shown. And you guessed it- my favorite are the pastel-colored chickens that are pink, purple and blue. Giggle.

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