Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New eggs for Vermont Open Studio Tour Memorial Day Weekend

     I am busily working on new eggs for the Vermont Craft Council's 20th year of Open Studio Tours during Memorial Day weekend. The eggs to the left are a start to my "Pompeii eggs". Having been to Pompeii, I was struck by the colors of the remaining frescoes that have been unearthed. Vibrant turquoises and earthy reds (also known as "Pompeii Red") were still visible on the market place walls. The large egg in the back is a Rhea egg, which is a emu-sized egg that is cream-colored- giving colors that you dye over it a nice warm cast. The black and red egg to the left is a goose egg. This egg is done by dying the egg red first, then waxing with a fish design. Then the egg is dyed black, and wax is removed. The egg in the foreground is an extra large chicken egg. This dye sequence is a bleach-back sequence. The egg is dyed black first, and the outline is waxed (under very good light because it is difficult to see the lines on a dark egg). The egg is then bleached back to white, and the egg is then dyed light turquoise. Those sections are waxed, then rinsed back and dipped into the final red dye. The regular size chicken egg on the right is done the same way. Red dye first, waxed, black dye next, waxed, bleached back to white, dyed light turquoise, and then a darker turquoise. It's fun to experiment with dye sequences. It gives the eggs a different look. I am hoping to add an Emu and Ostrich egg to this series.....and maybe a tiny pullet.
     In addition to the Ukrainian eggs I do, I am working on egg paintings, prints, cards and magnets. I will also have some recent watercolors and mixed assemblages.
     In the next couple of weeks, I will be blogging about six guest artists who will be sitting with me during the Vermont Open Studio Tour. The studios all over Vermont will be open on Saturday, May 26th, and Sunday, May 27th from 10am-5pm both days. Look for the yellow signs! I hope to see you there!
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