Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fourth guest Jess Polanshek sitting at Precision Studios during Vermont Open Studio Tour

     Jess Polanshek of " Polanshek of the Hills"  is the fourth guest that will be sitting with me during Vermont Crafts Council's 20th Open Studio Tour during Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th,  from 10am-5pm.
     You may have seen Jess behind the counter at Artists' Mediums Art Supply Store in Williston. Along with being media savvy, Jess is very creative. The photo to the left is just one of Jess' creations that you will see during your visit to my studio. Jess is an avid bookbinder with a strong focus on trees. The books are made from various woods, which are sawed, sanded, in some cases, wood-burned, drilled and oiled or covered with some unique bark. Some of the inner pages are hand-torn, and the end papers are usually selected hand-made sheets and coordinate nicely with all of the decorative elements. All of Jess' wooden books contain an element of nature and can be used as journals, sketchbooks, or even a guest book.
       Jess is also a painter, and focuses on the ever-changing brilliance of the natural world, sometimes set within a frame-work of a dream-like surreal quality.
                You may also find Jess' work on  "Society 6" and "Etsy" and

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