Monday, May 21, 2012

View Chelsea Lindner's art at Precision Studio during the Vermont Open Studio Tour

     Let me introduce my fifth guest who's work will be represented at the Precision Studio Group during the Vermont Open Studio Tour on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th, from 10am-5pm. You might recognize the name if you have been at Artists' Mediums art supply store lately- her name is Chelsea Lindner, and she is the manager there, and slated to own the store in a couple of years.
     Chelsea is very media savvy, and a wonderful artist in her own right. She has tried pretty much everything that we have in the store, from block printing, to acrylics, watercolors, inks, mono-printing, sculpture, and the list goes on. Her favorite medium is Oils. The painting on the left is a cold crisp winter morning with poplars (although we affectionately call it "big blue"). It's just one of the many oil on canvases that you will see during your visit to Precision Studios.  Chelsea loves anything from the natural world, and has started plein air painting on site. The painting on the right
is titled "Birches in the Bog". Chelsea is a tenacious painter. She rarely gives up on a piece, but rather will let it rest for a while, and then come back to it and start re-working it until the final painting is realized.
     This is Chelsea in her home up North in Belvidere, painting in her studio. She participated in the First Fall Vermont Open Studio Tour in the Fall of 2011.
     Chelsea has agreed to show art at my studio for the Open Studio Weekend. Her paintings will be on view, however Chelsea will be physically out touring Open Studio herself, working tirelessly to round up new artists and teachers for the upcoming year. She is one of the hardest working people I know! I would also like to congratulate her on putting together a fine 25th Anniversary celebration for the Artists' Mediums store this past weekend. A good time was had by all! Thanks, Chelsea!

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