Sunday, February 10, 2013

First batch of Ukrainian eggs for 2013 and Egg Decorating Demonstration Schedules

     The first eighteen eggs, hot out of the unwaxing oven. I decided not to spray them with Golden's Archival varnish with UVLS gloss protective coating until they had been photographed. This reduces the shiny hot spots that I was getting in the photos. I had my daughter photograph this batch for me. It's good practice for her since she has decided to pursue photography.    
      I think my favorites from this batch would have to be the paisley eggs. These are great for people who are not confident with the accuracy of the geometric eggs. These are more free form, and there's not really a wrong way to do them. You just need to repeat the shape in varying sizes and fill up the spaces. I like to keep them to a minimum of three colors in the same color family.
     All of these eggs have been blown prior to decorating. For the unwaxing, I mentioned the above oven method because it's a lot faster, and I can do multiple eggs at the same time. I use an old cookie sheet and a paper egg carton lined with pieces of paper towel. I place the whole thing in a cold oven, and heat to 195 degrees F. I put the cookie sheet on the lowest rack and when I open the door to wipe the melted wax off the eggs, I place an old kitchen towel down on the oven door. Why? Because when handling the eggs, they become slippery as you take them out of the egg carton to wipe them down. No doubt, these little devils will pop out of your hand and land on the oven door and break, thus the towel. I have lost a few this way until I got a little wiser. I will go around the paper carton and pick up each egg and give it a wipe with a paper towel, and when you can't wipe off any more wax and it is still sticky, I put that one down again and go onto the next one. I close the oven door and let it go another 5 minutes (let the oven do most of the work for you) and wipe each egg down again. It usually takes me three trips around the egg carton before I get all the eggs dewaxed and smooth to the touch. You will want to cool them down before you give them their glossy spray coat, or as mentioned above, taking pictures of them for your records.
     For those of you who would like to see the process from start to finish, a gentle reminder of the schedule for my Ukrainian egg demonstrations for 2013:

March 2nd, 12pm-2pm at Artists' Mediums*, Art Supply Store- Williston, Vermont

March 9th, 11am-1pm at Art on Main Gallery, Bristol, Vermont

March 16th, 12pm-2pm at The Drawing Board*, Art Supply Store- Montpelier, Vermont

March 23rd, 12pm-3pm at Frog Hollow Craft Gallery, Burlington, Vermont

 All of these demonstrations are free and open to the public!

*You will find Ukrainian Egg Decorating Supplies at both of these fine establishments! Good luck, and Good egging!

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