Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last Ukrainian egg demonstrations happening this weekend!

The last two Ukrainian egg demonstrations for the Easter season are coming up this weekend! Get in on the fun and see how these special Ova art objects are made!

I will be at the Drawing Board Art Supply Store in Montpelier, VT on Saturday, April 12th from 12:00PM-2:00PM. I will be answering questions on how to prepare your eggs, special tools that are available, how to draw simple divisions on an egg, the color dye sequences, acid-etching eggs and how to finish. The more questions you have about the process, the better! Free and open to the public!

If you are ready to try this craft on your own or with a group of people, The Drawing Board has all of the Ukrainian egg supplies that you will need!

The Drawing Board*  - 25 Main Street, Montpelier, Vt  05602   (802)223-2902(802)223-2902

The last demonstration will be held at Frog Hollow Craft Gallery on Sunday, April 13th, from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Free and Open to the public!

Along with showing all of the above, I will have large goose eggs in progress!

Frog Hollow Gallery   - 85 Church Street, Burlington, VT  05401‎ - (802) 863-6458(802) 863-6458

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