Sunday, July 20, 2014

A new project! "50 Years all cooped up, what's an egg to do?"

Fifty years, all cooped up…what’s an egg to do?

     What’s this all about, you ask? Well, the premise for this collection of decorative eggs was inspired by my Art peer, Libby Walker-Davidson. When she turned 49, she knew she was within a year of her fiftieth birthday, an important milestone! How does one mark something so wonderful for oneself? Do you throw yourself a birthday party? Do you travel somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go? Do you start with a “bucket list” of things that you’ve always wanted to do?
     Well, the answer for her was to create a body of work as well as leave a legacy. She set a goal for herself to create a painting for each year of her life, and ending at her 50th birthday. The result was an exhibit of 50 of her Plein Air watercolor paintings called “The 50 Project”.  When completed, the exhibit traveled in its entirety around the state of Vermont.  What a wonderful idea, I thought! Not only did she have a large cohesive body of work, travel around our beautiful state of Vermont documenting the landscape, but she was leaving a wonderful legacy for family and the art world as well.
     I loved the idea so much, I thought it would be fun to do this, but instead of painting, I would use the craft of egg decorating as my medium of choice. I plan to document this egg- venture through blogging, social media, photos of each of the eggs and the process that is being demonstrated. Some of the eggs will represent my own “bucket list” of places and cultures I have visited or want to visit, beautiful artwork that I admire or a special technique that I have always wanted to try. The rest of the decorative eggs I will create will have special and personal meaning to me, which will give the viewer insight into the cumulative experiences that makes up the rich mosaic of life that I have been fortunate enough to live!
     So…this brings me back to the introduction of “Fifty years, all cooped up…what’s an egg to do?” Thank you to my daughter for penning this clever tongue and cheek name for my project, and the out pouring of support from family, friends and fellow artists. So, without further ado, I will embark on this rather ambitious project and hope to see it to its fruition! Wish me luck!
Theresa Somerset


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