Friday, August 29, 2014

The planning of "50 years all cooped up, what's an egg to do?"

     If you have read the beginning of my blog "50 years all cooped up, what's an egg to do?", you will know why I have embarked on this project. It is for legacy. People will often comment on how many eggs I must have filling my home. Every time I've answered, "None- they've all gone out to galleries to be sold".  Someone asked me if my children had some of my eggs. It was a startling realization to me that I was so busy filling orders, that I hadn't put any aside for my children for later. Granted, they have and will have many of my paintings, especially ones painted of them, but no eggs. At 49, ready to turn fifty in a year, I thought that this would be a wonderful project (and keep me out of trouble). And while I am creating, I might as well challenge myself to see just how far I could go with some of the styles of egg decorating I have chosen, a flexing of my creative muscle, if you will.
     Before I even started the first egg, I knew I had to make myself a schedule, and would have to adhere to it somewhat to be able to pull off this rather ambitious project. 50 eggs in a year, which averages out to be 1 goose egg per week. I have an extra two weeks that I can play around with in case I might fall behind a week. Goose eggs are larger, and easier to put a more detailed design on. The last egg will be an Ostrich egg, the pearl of the collection, and hopefully an allegorical culmination of my life.
     I bought myself a small planner so I could write down each egg for each week. Next, I would sit down and write what each egg would be. I have a running list of all the eggs I will be making, and how I would make them (i.e. medium used, etc.). This list took me two days of brain storming, a week before my 49th birthday (July 16th). I bounced the ideas off my family (some eggs will represent each of them because they are a part of me), friends and some of my art peeps. When I had the list finished, the next thing was to fill my planner. I started with Holiday eggs first, and placed those eggs within the week they fell, i.e. Valentine's day= wedding egg with doves, St. Patrick's Day= Celtic egg, Day of the Dead, Fourth of July, Halloween, etc.
     Next, to break up the list, I placed eggs in ascending degree of difficulty.This took another whole day. Some of the last eggs are Faberge style, which will use a plethora or culmination of all of the techniques leading up to them. The last egg, as I have said earlier will be on an ostrich, and will be an allegorical self-portrait.
Here is the list of the fifty eggs within this series in the order I have laid down in case some of you were curious:

Nautical lighthouse egg            Day of the Dead egg         St. Theresa icon egg
Egyptian egg                             Baker's egg                       Vermont floral egg
African egg                               Sister cameo egg               India egg
Moroccan egg                           Teacup egg                        Celtic egg
Persian egg                                Paris egg                           Medieval egg
Stain glass egg                           Dog egg                            Baseball/soccer egg
Greco-Roman vase egg             Cat egg                              Softball/photography egg
Vermont egg                              Coat of Arms egg              Golf/coaching egg
Japanese egg                              Chinese floral egg             Seashell egg
Inuit egg                                     French Provincial egg       Pompeii egg                            
Greek bas-relief egg                   Celestial egg                     Gothic egg
Aztec egg                                   2nd Coat of arms egg        Steampunk egg 
Etched wedding egg                  Grandma Moses egg          Musical egg  
Cloisonne egg                            Artist's egg                        Portrait egg, husband
Ukrainian four seasons              Fishing egg                       Portrait egg, daughter
                                                                                             Portrait egg, son
                                                                                             Faberge family egg
                                                                                             Self-portrait egg

     Although you know the time table now, I will keep the mediums a surprise until I post them on this blog site. This is another goal that I've set myself. I am also documenting these processes the best I can, and give the viewer insight into what inspired me to do these particular eggs. Most eggs have some personal meaning or connection to me. There are a few where I just have always wanted to try, and now have given myself permission within this time frame to do so, rather than putting it off for "someday". 
     At the end of this project, I am hoping to have a traveling show of this large collection for the year I turn 50. I am hoping to also have some printed material (some info will come straight from the blog) with photos to accompany the show. When the show has stopped traveling, the eggs will be split into two collections, and will rest in a commissioned display case for each of my children and be given to them when they are ready for them.
     So, as you have seen in the 6 previous blogs, I am now on my way, in a concise and hopefully orderly manner so that I may reach my goal. Wish me luck, and enjoy the process with me, won't you?


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