My Bio

Theresa Somerset: 
Theresa Somerset is a graduate of Castleton State College with a B.A. in Fine Arts. She has been employed by Boutilier’s Art Store, Collectors Art Gallery and Doll House Shop, and to date, at Artists’ Mediums Art Supply Store.

Theresa has an interest in painting in watercolors, acrylics, oils, and most recently, mixed media. Her favorite subjects are her children set in genre paintings, as well as still-lives which incorporate antique and sentimental objects from the artist’s own collections. She has won a number of awards, as well as participating in a number of juried shows. She has been drawing and painting since early childhood. Being a busy mother of two, she regiments herself to paint a certain number of hours per week.

Although not limited to, watercolor is the medium of choice for this artist. The paintings are slowly built up in a series of multiple glazes, which make for their brilliant and jewel-like qualities, much like traditional oils. This artist is also known to experiment with watercolor mediums – additives that give greater flexibility and interest to each piece.

Acrylics and oils are also found in this artist’s arsenal. The subject matter includes still-lives with China, glass, lace and heavily patterned backgrounds, as well as illustrative and allegorical paintings with decorative borders. This artist loves to experiment with several acrylic mediums and grounds for paintings, acrylic gels, molding pastes, glazing fluids and metallic leafs found on the backgrounds of some of her trompe l’oiel paintings. Theresa loves to push the boundaries with these mixed mediums, along with color, and subject matter, and is exploring a series of “Assemblages” which crosses over into collage with a sculptural aspect.

Throughout the years, her interests have varied from fine art to crafting. She has tried her hand at recycled art, creating paper mache bowls using glossy magazines, and perfecting a paper clay recipe. She enjoys decorating these heavy, glowing geode-like vessels once they have been formed with a wide variety of metallic and micaceous acrylics. Most recently, she has been exploring the fine art of egg decoration, starting with, but not limited to wax resist techniques and applications that have crossed over from her art training to make her work unique and interesting. She is currently a member of the International egg art guild. Her precise attention to detail has been touted as one of her trademarks. You may find more of her work at